Will Your Breasts Look Natural After Breast Augmentation?

By Mark E. Crispin MD

Upload: November 18, 2015

Women planning on undergoing breast augmentation are primarily anxious about how their breasts will look after the surgery, whether or not they’ll look completely artificial or real, too big, too small or just right, etc. Having a sense of what look you’d like to achieve prior to going under the knife is key as is finding a board-certified plastic surgeon you’re comfortable with who will help you through the process. A skilled and experienced surgeon will provide you with insights and options in order to achieve the most natural aesthetic possible with implants. They will discuss a multitude of factors with you, including the implant shape, size, type and texture, as well as placement options tailored to your individual body.

So What is ‘Natural Looking’ Breast Augmentation?

A natural looking augmentation procedure creates breasts in the ideal shape and size proportionate to your entire body. In other words, people won’t necessarily be able to tell that they’re not your own. The augmentation itself is subtle and you look well-balanced post-surgery.

Factors that contribute to the more natural looking augmented breast procedures include the following:

  • Breasts will have a gentle slope and project forward towards the nipple
  • The nipple is on the most projected part of the breast
  • The implants will have a tear drop shape similar to natural breasts
  • The cleavage is at a similar distance when compared to natural breasts

In other words, nothing looks artificial and to the untrained eye, it would be a challenge to ascertain whether your breasts have been “helped” or not.

How to Achieve Natural Looking Breasts with Implants?

Natural looking breast augmentation results come from careful planning on the part of the surgeon and performing the procedure on a patient who has realistic expectations for their outcome. It is important to understand that breast augmentation should ultimately enhance the existing breasts without placing excess weight and volume that could not only look unnatural, but have an adverse impact on your overall health as well. Disproportionately large breasts can cause back problems among other issues.

When selecting breast implants things to consider include your body shape, chest width, routine activities, and physical activities requiring exertion outside the normal scope of daily activities as well as your height and weight. Each of these can and should play a role in what will work best for you and your lifestyle. Again, if you’re considering augmentation, find a board-certified plastic surgeon and one who specializes in breast augmentation. They can walk you through the process, make you comfortable, help guide you to the right implants for you and share before and after photos of patients who’ve already gone through the process themselves, with results they were quite satisfied with.

What Look is best for me? Or How Big Should I Go?

Many of my patients ask me this question, while others come in with a pre-planned breast implant size in mind. The final decision lies with the patient; however in instances where the patient is not sure, I prefer to decide the size based on the body shape of the patient.

When you try different sizes and look into the mirror, you can clearly determine the look that suits you best. You will be shown before and after photos that can help you determine the best placement, size, and type of implant that will suit you best.

There’s a Slight Catch in This

– Look at the nude pictures of the patients. Clothes always show breasts that are supported, lifted, and held firmly at their position. Reviewing full breast nude photos will give you a clear picture. To learn more about breast augmentation and read patient reviews, go to https://www.gregorydickmd.com/procedures/breast/breast-augmentation-breast-lift/

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