6 things you need to know about breast augmentation surgery

As the calendar flips over to a new year and a new decade, you may be looking at ways to enhance your curves and give yourself a boost in confidence and self-esteem. Breast augmentation is one surgery that can help women with various concerns achieve a fuller, shapelier look. Here are six things you should know about this life-changing surgery:

It’s the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the United States. Around 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries are performed each year.

You need to be healthy. While you will discuss your medical history at length during your consultation, you will want to make sure you are following a healthy diet, and that you don’t smoke or drink excessively. Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have infections, cancer or other serious illnesses are not good candidates for surgery.

Most patients choose gel implants. While both are FDA-approved, silicone gel implants are more popular than saline implants. Silicone gel implants feel more like natural breast tissue. Both options are available, however.

Breast augmentation surgery does not correct sagging breasts. You may need a breast lift in combination with augmentation to reshape breasts for a fuller, lifted look. The procedure may also reposition and reduce the size of the areola, the dark skin surrounding the nipple, which is often an added benefit.

Patients typically return to normal activities in the first week. While recovery time varies from each patient, you will be able to resume exercise and normal activity at Dr. Dick’s direction. Acute pain should subside in that first week. Be sure to take it easy as you heal for the first few weeks, following instructions carefully.

You alone need to determine if the surgery is right for you. Breast augmentation surgery can boost self-esteem and give women more confidence. But patients shouldn’t be influenced by others or pressured into getting breast augmentation surgery because of someone else’s expectations. The decision is a highly personal one with many considerations.

If you’re interested in starting the New Year with a new you and learning more about breast augmentation surgery, call (301) 251-2600 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dick.

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